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MA Drills
MA Drills, a subscription-based curriculum-platform stacked with thousands of video tutorials, for the US Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA).

MAIA approached Knight Studios to realise their vision of this large online product, simplify and make sense of the potentially complex structure and create a kick-ass user experience. 
With different levels of user accounts and memberships, the Martial Arts School owner is able to subscribe to various curriculum packages and also include additional subscriptions as bundles, giving them access to over six thousand unique video tutorials.

The instructors can then create and edit their own video class plans which can be used to guide each martial arts session. With view-only access, these class plans can also be shared and followed by pupils too, enabling them to practice the class plan's drills in their own time.
Within the platform is a powerful search function, allowing the user to search, find and view specific video tutorials. Within the video detail screen, the user can add them directly to one of their class plans.

Acting as their hub, the user's profile screen is where all of their content is collated, from their created class plans and their followed class plans to their personal details and team members.
As part of the MA Drills brand creation we created a typographical system built around the idea of the martial arts belt as a device. It sat behind all headings, helping to give the solution a simple yet unique and recognisable design that was bold, confident, clean and graphic – it's a powerful aesthetic, one that echoes the sport of martial arts.

Our ongoing partnership with MAIA continues to expand, as we support them with further phases of the website, marketing print collateral, creative content and infographics.
Strategy: UX Strategy, Content Strategy, Design Strategy
Design: Creative Direction, Visual Design
Content: Icon Design, Graphic Illustration 
Engineering: Front-end and Back-end Development, Prototype, Systems Architecture
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