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Working with our good friends Beutler Ink, Google briefed us with creating a digital annual report for their Google Campus network.
Campus is global network of Google spaces for Entrepreneurs, committed to creating a thriving startup community. It was this colourful, infectious energy and start-up spirit that we brought to life in the Campus Annual Report and was key to our storytelling.
As an annual report, it was naturally rich in data and important information, so we need to sensitive to the delivery of that narrative and the selective in how we told the story visually, while also aligning it through photography and illustration with each city's space.
Line illustrations were created for the seven Google Campuses, using each spaces brand colour as a key indicator and to help hold it's content together. Unique icons were also drawn as signifiers for the different data sets and information types throughout the report.
Simple data visualisation was included where appropriate, to ensure that all of the key statistics were easily digestible and quickly understood. This visual method of storytelling around the data ensured that the report's key points of entry were engaging, whatever the language. As the Campuses are based around the world – London, Madrid, Berlin, São Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv and Warsaw – the report was translated into each respective language.
Strategy: UX Strategy, Content Strategy, Design Strategy
Design: Creative Direction, Visual design
Content: Illustration creation, icon creation, colour theory
Engineering: Front-end Development, Prototype, Systems Architecture, Localisation, Back-end Development
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