Knight Studios
A digital brand, content and experience agency
Bringing Creative to Life
Knight Studios — a digital brand, content and experience agency. Creating memorable, appropriate designs that are as beautifully well crafted as they are innovative and functional. We bring creative to life.
We are an intentionally small agency, allowing us to be a reactive, flexible, fast-moving team with the curiosity to ask the right questions and the focus to find that idea. We run all projects with lean, focused teams that integrate with clients and talk to their customers throughout the whole process. Collaborating with expert partners from all over the world helps us bring the creative ideas and campaigns to life, delivering beautifully designed user experiences that push beyond the expected. Although we are both digital and social by nature, we always stay idea-focused and allow the project to lead the direction before we think about the medium.
We help our clients succeed in an increasingly connected world, crafting creative campaigns that span digital, motion and print that are genuinely fresh and engaging with an aim of making a real difference.
Over the passed ten years, we have been fortunate to have worked with some amazingly passionate and forward thinking partners.
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