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Full-time Full-stack Developer / Tech Director

Development Job 1

Come and work with us!  
Knight Studios, a small independent interactive agency, are looking for a full-stack developer to join and lead it’s development team. You will have implemented many large, complex and varied builds whilst also managing small teams across other projects.

You will be 
• Self-motivated
• Have a high degree of experience in building advanced and modern user experiences.
• Primary development contact for our amazing global clients, ensuring free-flowing communication and managing expectations.
•  Define and manage projects from beginning to end
•  Create development estimates and manage project scopes
•  Create, manage and track schedules
•  Participate in strategic planning and creative collaboration between our teams and our clients
•  Ability to help create and architect amazing user experiences
•  Have the ability to find unique solutions and solve problem

We work across different time zones for global clients that include Adidas, Chelsea FC, The North Face, Skullcandy, Google, Google Campus, Martial Arts Industry Association, Protiva, Local Trust to name a few.

You will have
•  4+ years of experience.
•  Experience in complex back-end builds, including large eCommerce or community-based builds (one of our ongoing projects is Drupal-based, so confidence at managing that project and client is required).
•  An obsession for details — where your front-end skills shine.
•  Solid understanding of web technologies.
•  Fantastic written and verbal communication skills.
•  Ability to manage multiple projects and clients.
•  Ability to juggle the development of several builds, while managing a small development team across other projects.
•  Desire to keep learning and to keep us, as an agency, at the forefront.

•  Dependent on experience.

Charfield, South Gloucestershire — 15 miles from central Bristol, 20 miles from Bath, 30 miles from Cheltenham.

To apply
•  Please email your CV or website and examples of your work to

It is also important that you explain your role on each project, responsibilities, challenges etc.

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Andy Murray – Wimbledon infographic

We were just digging through some old work and found this nice little infographic we created for Adidas. We were asked to trace Andy Murray’s match stats through each Wimbledon round, creating infographics for each game that visualised Murray’s match through the his winning shots. The data revealed Andy’s tactics, as well as what was working and how he adapted his game against each opponent.

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Class Cartography

We are working on several projects at the moment here at Knight Sudios where we are using Mapbox to create customised maps. Using OpenStreetMap data, the intuitive Mapbox interface allows us to really fine tune our designs to create the perfect unique map for each client. The map above is a perfect example, using the Mapbox terrain layer allows us to create a map that really enhances a satellite view by adding highlights and depth to the mountainous areas of the map, as well as an on-brand colour palette.

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4,500 British Lions teams created in one week!

As we  enter the second week of our app for adidas Rugby and The British & Irish Lions, the team selector has already be used to create over 4,500 teams! There are also some interesting trends emerging within the Top Teams too. If you haven’t created your team yet, what are you waiting for – go do it now!

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Southern Rail infographic

Our good friends at Emanate PR approached us to create an infographic for their new clients, Southern Rail. Travel as a subject matter is always fun when creating these types of data visualisation, the track in this case provided us with a perfect visual narrative thread to lead the viewer through the information.

The London landscape and our rich railway history also allowed us to flex our illustrative chops with this gritty and textured aesthetic while the user discovered the data on their journey through each station.

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British & Irish Lions Team Selector

We have been tirelessly working on some amazing projects for adidas Rugby and the British & Irish Lions ahead of their tour down under next year. As part of the wider campaign, we have created an online form for customers that are purchasing the new shirt through the Lions’ store, to win some great rugby prizes. A simple three-step form contained within a slick lightbox design is presented to the customer within their purchasing journey.

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Backstage with The Hives app goes live!

Our latest Facebook app for Skullcandy has gone live today. ‘Come On!’, as Pelle would say…
As a first installment of Skullcandy’s new ‘Backstage with…’ series, the app follow’s the band on their European tour, giving the user’s backstage access to The Hives and exclusive gifts and content.
This is only the pre-tour teaser video version. The full version goes live next week…

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an adidas Halloween and Bonfire night

You’ve gotta love this time of year and you’ve gotta love these kinds of projects! Our great friends at adidas asked us to create some fun images that mixed their brand with halloween and bonfire night… challenge accepted!

We had so much fun creating these images – the Spooky Forrest, Firework Trefoil and Werewolf Runner, all shown above, were among our favourites of this years bunch. All images were posted on adidas UK’s social channels in the event run up.

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Gillette sneak peek

We have an excellent little graphic in progress with our friends at Gillette. An editorial infographic showcasing their new product and it’s tech, while also visualising the current marketplace – approximately 200 million men globally style their facial hair – who knew?!

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Budweiser Facebook app

A sports-based Facebook app we designed for Budweiser – as it was going into build, the client unfortunately changed their mind and went in a different direction with the whole campaign message, making the app no longer relevant… and so it died before seeing the light of day. So today, we are giving it a little light…

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OpenAir Branding

Searching back through some old work, we found this – branding for an old project for OpenAir 2011. This was a really quick but fun project and with a name like OpenAir, it allowed us to come up with some really creative solutions. These are some of the rejected designs – still pretty cool though, especially the designs on sheet 1.

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Pfizer GAD Infographic

We are pleased to be able to share our latest infographic for Pfizer for their campaign to raise awareness for Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). We created the graphic for the UK, Spain, Germany, Holland and Ireland which is shown above. To connect with the viewer on an emotional level and to really allow the visuals to tell the story in a more personal way, we used a hand-drawn approach to the illustrations which gave an almost observational insight. We continued that textured approach over in to the typography, to help create a link between the visuals and data.

It turned out great, definitely one of our favourite recent infographic projects.


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Modularis branding

We were just digging back through some old work and rediscovered this branding project for Modularis, a company that supplies in-car interfaces to US Police Departments (which we also designed the interfaces for). It was a fun project – the tiled patterns the logo enabled us to create allowed for some really creative design solutions.

Always fun to look back at old work!

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Adidas Olympic content creation

As we look towards the Paralympics and what we hope to be another great games for Team GB, our excitement builds for creating fresh content for adidas. During the main event we were asked to create social content to be used throughout the games. One of the unknown’s for adidas, the Olympic committee and, well, everyone… was the weather! So we set out to create images that would reflect each days weather and still promote adidas in a positive way.

The images above show the adidas performance logo as a cloud in a stormy and dramatic sky and one of the adidas Trefoil logo as a raindrop on a window (both images we were sure would be used during the games!).

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The Brownlee’s Olympic infographic

A great win for Alistair Brownlee yesterday, just sublime, complete dominant display that destroyed the field. Ahead of the race adidas asked us to create a fun snackable graphic about the triathlon that compared what the Brownleee brothers do to something real-world that people could relate too and make them think wow!

This graphic is part of a series that we have created for adidas covering their athletes during the Olympics.

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3T Cycling redesign almost live

After watching another amazing day of dominant cycling by Team GB and as we near the launch of the new 3T Cycling website, we thought we would share a quick shot of the 3T site that never was – one of the design directions that didn’t make it passed RD 1 – but still one of our favourites though. A single page design that was product led, with a really crisp, graphic, design aesthetic with large overlaid typography that was as dynamic and strong as the products themselves.

The site launch will be coming soon.

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Adidas Olympic infographics

The first image, from our set of Olympic graphics we created for adidas, is now live on the adidas UK Facebook page right now… Go take a look!

We created a set of infographics and images that will be posted on the adidas UK and Global Facebook and Twitter feeds during the Olympics – we can’t share them at the moment of course, for obvious reasons, but do keep an eye out for the full set as they roll out!

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Theos Euro Snaps launches!

Today, we launched both the Facebook and mobile apps for Skullcandy skater Theosis Beasley’s European tour. Theo and his skater friends Eric Koston and Sean Malto are will be touring three European cities – Barcelona, Copenhagen and Paris – over the coming week and the app will be tracking them as they kick-flip their way around. Building the apps around Instagram was key. This allows the skaters to post photos from wherever they are of whatever they are doing in real time and for the app to display them just as fast to keep the die-hard skate fans in the know and up to date.

Check out the Facebook app now and click the link to download your mobile app for iPhone of Android!

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Murray infographics for adidas

Tracing Murray’s match stats through the rounds we knew he had the game to test Federer, but on the day the Swiss was just too strong.

In the build up to the final, adidas asked KS to create infographics for each game that visualised Murray’s match through the game’s winning shots. The data revealed Andy’s tactics, as well as what was working and how he adapted his game against each opponent. The above graphic is the final match overview, what was interesting however was how the data changed throughout the match as Murray changed his game to better each opponent.

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MS Day infographic

An Infographic for the pharmaceutical company Almirall for release ahead of MS Day. The aim of the graphic was to highlight and bring attention to Multiple Sclerosis, it’s symptoms and how it effects people around Europe.

As well as English, we also recreated and translated versions in Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Swedish and Norwegian.

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adidas Euro 2012 infographic


One of many infographics we were asked to create for the Euro 2012 this summer for one of our favourite clients, adidas. Tracking a world class player during a match is very intriguing and throws up some incredible data that truly shows how different players approach and influence the game. Gerrard’s two-touch game was extremely evident in every England game we tracked and made for some interesting data visualisations.

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Sneak Peek: AF1

Nike Air Force 1

We love Nike, we love illustration and we love posters… can you imagine the fun we are having working on some illustrative posters for Nike? Add to that mix we get to work with our favourite illustrator and it’s been an shaping up to be an awesome project. What do you think, looking good? Not long until the full reveal.

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The Comedy Carpet

The Comedy Carpet

Wow. We just had to share this. The Comedy Carpet by Why Not Associates is a 2,200m square typographic masterpiece that is arguably better than their work A Flock of Words. The masters of modern typographic installations (in my opinion), in collaboration again with Gordon Young, brought a sense of fun and celebration to the project, creating a polished granite walkway sure to draw the crowds. Containing over 160,000 letters embedded into concrete, it is a lesson in type craft on an epic scale.

See more of The Comedy Carpet

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MTV OMAs 2010 revisit

MTV OMA Awards

With the 2011 OMAs approaching, I’m reminded of our designs for 2010 awards, the first year of the online event for MTV and how it was a huge learning experience for both them and us. An awards site that announced categories, allowed nominations, tracked voting and aired the live show, all while encouraging social sharing. It was awesome. A huge success and working with MTV on such an iconic and landmark project was an incredible adventure. For the project we designed and directed all branding, iconography and four phases of a site with an evolving design solution.

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